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Lead Designer For Smite Teases Upcoming Playable Character

by Joel Santana


Despite Hi-Rez Studios, the development team responsible for Smite whom very recently showcased what’s to come in their 4.3 patch “Valley Of Victory” a few days ago such as the new Capture The Flag mode. Appears to be not being able to contain their excitement of the future of their popular third-person MOBA, Smite.

As very recently, the lead designer for Smite, HiRezAjax has taken to twitter to reveal something “big” the Smite community can expect in the 4.6 patch that’s set to arrive sometime in early April:”Big Friday spoiler!  We know everyone has been wanting this god for a LONG time.  Something huge is coming to SMITE in patch 4.6,” reads the tweet.

Something huge is coming to SMITE in patch 4.6

From the looks of things, it may not mean much. But, since Hi-Rez Studios tends to release new characters every other patch it looks like the lead designer for Smite may have spilled the beans for the 87th god in the game. Skipping any visual hints about the 86th god Cernunnos that’s set to be apart of the Celtic pantheon who was datamined in the the beginning of the year.

If, HiRezAjax teaser is anything to go by it appears that the teased god is none other than Ganesha which will be the first god in over a year to be added for the Hindu pantheon and one of the most requested gods to be added into the game. Alongside the teaser from the lead designer of Smite, it appears that dataminers have also noticed new files added to game recently thanks to the PTS of the 4.3 patch which indicate that Ganesha is indeed coming to Smite “soon”.

Aside from the confirmation of Ganesha thanks to the dataminers, they also dug up some other rather interesting information for the game. Such as in the near future Poseidon is finally getting a much needed re-model and you can expect the following pieces of content to be made available in the upcoming patches:

  • Two new game modes Door Siege and Racing
  • Hercules Skin
  • Mercury Skin
  • UFC announcer pack
  • House Dubstep theme

Smite is a free to play MOBA on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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