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Limited Edition Destiny and The Last of Us PS4 Consoles Revealed in Japan

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny and The Last of Us: Remastered are shaping up to be two of the PS4’s biggest releases ever, and Sony has responded by creating special, limited edition consoles themed around the games. The only problem at the moment is that they are only confirmed to be coming to Japan.

Destiny and The Last of Us themed PS4’s are heading to Japan. No word on whether they will hit the US or Europe.

Listings for the limited edition consoles have appeared on the Sony Japan online store, and are currently available for 46,980 yen for the white Destiny console, and 47,980 yen for the Last of Us one. That comes to about $463 and $473 respectively.

America will be receiving a special release of the PS4 hardware for Destiny in the all-white console, which comes with the game when it first releases. However, the Japanese version features special decals, making it the best choice for hardcore Destiny fans.

Sony seems to be much more willing to release special edition consoles in Japan. Last week they unveiled a special edition PS4 themed around Frozen. This too has only been confirmed for Japan, and features similar styling to the newly announced Destiny and The Last of Us consoles.


There could be a few reasons why these consoles are only being released in Japan at the moment. For Destiny, the game will be a Playstation exclusive release in Japan, while it will come to Xbox systems in other regions. This could make the limited edition console an easier licensing deal than in other regions where Microsoft might take issue.

Also, the Playstation 4 is currently struggling to find its market in its home country. For the week of July 13th Japanese sales of the PS4 were only 7,150 units. This is lower than the 3DS, PS Vita, and Wii U which sold 61,956, 38,907, and 8,658 respectively. It even sold slightly lower than its predecessor, the Playstation 3, which sold 7,763 units. The Japanese market seems to be especially interested in themed, and special edition consoles, such as the many models of 3DS that Nintendo releases there. Sony might be trying to capitalize on this in order to bump up their lagging sales in the country.

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