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Lords Of The Fallen 2 Set For 2017 & Will Not Include Deck 13 As Co-Developer

by William Schwartz


Lords Of The Fallen might be getting a Game Of The Year Edition, but it appears that the sequel will be getting new developers who will work alongside City Interactive for the upcoming title.

Fans of Lords Of The Fallen will know that City Interactive partnered up with Deck 13 to co-develop the game and it was a long hard road. Tomaz Gop, Executive Producer at City Interactive and one who worked on Lords Of The Fallen, put out a rather lengthy post today on the Lords Of The Fallen Facebook page.  The post talked quite a bit about the co-development process between City Interactive and Deck 13 touching on many personal experiences working with the team at Deck 13.

“For our development partner, Deck13, I believe it was a great project to step forward as a studio, as a growing dev team, and as individuals who really wanted to go through the production cycle of a major title. Also for me, the project was what I always wanted – to be inside the core team rather than marketing. In this post-mortem, I would like to shed a little more light on the co-development model we used and the roles that CI Games and Deck13 played. It certainly was not a typical “developer-publisher” relationship, and I hope that many can learn from our experience.”

Tomaz went on to informally announce the departure of Deck 13 from development of a Lords Of The Fallen sequel and cited that the experience makes him hopeful to the future co-development with the yet unannounced studio.

“To sum up, our goal was not to create a revolution of the look and feel of games – what we wanted was to not stay behind the so-called “industry standards”. I will admit that both teams had different understandings and opinions on what those are. This was an important issue we had to resolve during production, and I think that we are better off having come through that challenge. It’s also one of the reasons why I am confident that co-development with new partners is a promising way forward to creating a sequel to Lords of the Fallen.”

According to an interview with Marek Tyminski, of City Interactive via EuroGamer Lords Of The Fallen has sold over 900,000 units.

“We are over 900,000 units. Not yet 1m but we are approaching that. And definitely it’s a good start for the new IP. Definitely we can say that Lords of the Fallen 1 proved the IP made sense.” 

He went on to announce a release window for Lords Of The Fallen 2 which is set for 2017.

“We’re taking all of the lessons from Lords of the Fallen 1 to make, first of all, a much better game, and second, to make it more efficient from the production perspective. We plan to release the game in 2017, we learnt not to say about the release date too early, so we will only be announcing the release date of each particular game when we will be close enough and we will be sure the game will be on time.”

Quite a bit of Lords Of The Fallen news for fans of the IP. Looks like we will be hearing a lot more about the game in the future.

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