Lucky Chloe Will Be In USA Version Of Tekken 7 After All

by Damian Seeto

Back in December, Bandai Namco revealed Lucky Chloe as a new fighter in Tekken 7. It was speculated by fans that she wouldn’t be available to North American players.

The speculation that she would be omitted from Tekken 7 for North American players was fueled by tweets by Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada. He mentioned she would only be playable in Asia and Europe due to cultural differences.

At the time, people took his tweets literally as there was some fan backlash towards the design of Lucky Chloe. Some gamers felt a little blonde girl dressed up as a cat looked stupid. They felt it was too “Japanese”.

Harada has now clarified on Twitter that he was joking that Lucky Chloe would be removed from the North American version of Tekken 7. He said the experience will be “equal for all players“.

Harada said the reason he joked in the first place about Lucky Chloe’s omission in Tekken 7 was because he was annoyed by the “spammers/haters attacking us“. He said these people used dirty words and extreme prejudice when they reacted to the character’s design. He countered this by simply trolling people saying Lucky Chloe will not be available to North American players.

For gamers that liked the design of Lucky Chloe, you can breathe a sigh of relief as she will be available to play in all territories by the sounds of things.

To people that hate the design of Lucky Chloe, there are several other people you can choose to play in Tekken 7. One character shouldn’t really ruin the entire game.