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Madden NFL 15 Update Improves Player Likeness and Fixes Bugs

by Kyle Hanson


Madden NFL 15 is set to receive its third major title update, along with improving player likenesses for many teams. Title Update 3 will feature a ton of gameplay improvements and bug fixes, but will also help out in the visual department by updating a few of the uniforms and player models in the game to make them more like real life. You can see an example of the improved likenesses above, and check out the full list of changes in Madden NFL 15’s title update below. Over 160 players have had their face updated or added to the game.


  • Eagles Home, Away, and Alternate uniforms get full updates
  • Bucs get “MG” patch
  • Raiders get “AL” sticker on back of helmet
  • Lions get patch for William Clay Ford
  • Jags get 20th anniversary patch


  • Fixed issue where users were able to grief online opponents by no huddling with Custom Playbooks
  • Tuned Blocked Field Goals & Extra Points
  • Additional stability and tuning


  • Updated CoachGlass playcall suggestions for PS4

The update hit yesterday for Xbox One and PS4 in North America and will become available later today in Europe. For a full list of every player whose likeness has been updated, click here.

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