March PlayStation Plus Games Revealed Through a Leaked Flyer

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by Jose Belmonte

The PS4 games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will get in the month of March seem to have leaked, thanks to a flyer found in a French store. The games would be Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam, and they would be available for European countries and North America. The first one is a critically acclaimed platformer from Little Big Planet creators Media Molecule, and the second is an action-sports game that mixes air-hockey with tennis and offers local and online multiplayer.

Released in 2014, Tearaway Unfolded is actually an expanded version of the original Tearaway for PlayStation Vita, which is considered one of the first-party exclusives that took better advantage of the unique controls of the portable console. Translated to PlayStation 4, that means a heavy use of features such as the camera, the touch pad on the Dual Shock 4 and motion controls.

But don’t be mistaken by its portable origins. Tearawy Unfolded added a ton of exclusive content, that made the PS4 release a mix of the original game and half of a sequel, and it’s definitely one of the most innovative and original games in the catalogue.

Disc Jam is a fast action-sports game which many have compared to Rocket League in terms of experience. It’s based on 1v1 or 2v2 matches in which each team throws a disc to the field of the opponent, with the objective to either hit the goal or to get the other team to drop the disc. It’s a game that looks simple for beginners but hides some complex gameplay mechanics such as charging throws or strategic angles, so people willing to spend more time playing it will be rewarded with a fulfilling experience.

The game also lets us completely customize our players, being able to change their icons, tags, outfits, accesories and the disc that they’ll use. You can check out the great impressions that the game left us at the PAX West 2016.

Both games are supposed to become available in the next PlayStation Store update.


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