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Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Tournament Announced, Story Trailer Revealed

A chance to play the game before launch and a look at its Adventure Mode.

by Dylan Siegler


The newest entry in the Mario Tennis series, Mario Tennis Aces, comes out in a little over a month. Before its launch, there will be an online demo tournament, which will act basically as an open beta. To participate in the pre-launch tournament, you will first have to download the free Pre-Launch Online Tournament demo from the Nintendo eShop when it becomes available in late May. The tournament itself will take place between June 1 at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST and June 3 at 11:59pm PST/June 4 at 2:59am EST. Those who participate in the pre-launch tournament will also gain access to Mario’s Classic Outfit upon purchasing the full game.

In addition to information about the pre-launch tournament, Nintendo also released a new trailer for Mario Tennis Aces that focuses on the game’s Adventure Mode. In the trailer, we see some sort of dark energy taking over Luigi, and it seems that it has already taken over Wario and Waluigi. In Adventure Mode, Mario attempts to rescue Luigi from Wario, Waluigi and the Legendary Racket. Throughout Adventure Mode, players will be able to hone their skills through varying missions and boss battles.

Mario Tennis Aces launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on June 22. You can watch the Adventure Mode trailer below.

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