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Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.04 Out Now On PS4 & Xbox One

by Mike Guarino


Mass Effect: Andromeda officially launches today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and accompanying the game’s release is a patch for the console versions. The PC version received the patch yesterday that also included fixes that were exclusive to the PC version of the game, but now a similar patch is available for console owners.

As for the size of the patch, it’s 2 GB on PlayStation 4 and 775 MB on Xbox One. There were no patch notes provided with this update, and the update history on PS4 just says that it brings “bug fixes and stability improvements.” One thing we do know is that the patch won’t be doing anything to do with the game’s controversial character animations, with the game’s lead designer saying that what you’ve seen previously is what you’re getting when the game launches in terms of animations. Many more patches will be coming down the line, though what they will address is still being discussed internally.

The game came under fire for its character animations prior to the game’s launch, and the numerous reviews that have come out since then have noted odd character animations. It also doesn’t help that the characters themselves don’t seem to live up to the ones players journeyed with in the previous Mass Effect games, making the animation problems all the more glaring.

Whether or not these animation issues ever get fixed, most seem to agree that Andromeda is a decent game that nonetheless didn’t live up to the massive hype. The story, characters and glitches all added up to being more than enough to hold the game back from greatness, though those willing to overlook those flaws still have great combat and exploration to look forward to. You can check out our thoughts on the game via our review by clicking right here.

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