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Mass Effect Andromeda Won’t Be Getting A VR Mode

by Damian Seeto


VR is the newest thing in town, although it looks like BioWare won’t be adding any type of VR mode into Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda producer, Mike Gamble, confirmed the lack of a VR mode in the game during a recent interview with Stevivor. He didn’t rule out the series delving into VR in the future though.

He said:It would be cool. All I would say is that we would never want to ‘port’ a Mass Effect game to VR. We would want to create a custom experience, if we were to ever do it.“.

BioWare has been working on Mass Effect Andromeda for many years so the studio’s main priority now is to actually finish the main game. It’s unlikely they will add a last minute VR mode just for the sake of it.

BioWare could do something similar to 2K Sports and Rocksteady and that’s making a VR experience. NBA 2KVR Experience and Batman: Arkham VR were short games that made use of VR hardware. They weren’t full video games, but they were nice to download for VR owners.

The Mass Effect series has always been played in third-person, so a VR experience in first-person would be very cool to see. The new game allows you to explore new planets in the galaxy of Andromeda. You can also ride on some vehicles and more.

Due to the huge worlds that have been created in Andromeda, BioWare could work on a spin-off VR video game if there is much demand for it. The only main obstacle is that VR ownership is pretty low at the moment. BioWare might only think of a VR Mass Effect video game until more people have a VR headset in their homes.

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