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Mass Effect Andromeda’s Ship Doesn’t Have Loading Screens

by Mike Guarino


Next year will see the return of the Mass Effect series in the form of Mass Effect Andromeda, which aims to improve upon the original trilogy in many ways. While there’s still plenty of more information to come on that front, we’re now getting more information about the game’s ship.

Much like the original trilogy of games, Andromeda will have a main ship that you use to navigate the galaxy. However, there will be numerous changes this time around that will set it apart from what fans are accustomed to, which includes new ways to initiate navigation and ways to upgrade the ship.

The biggest change is that making your way through the various facets of the ship will all be seamless. The game’s technical director Harold Chaput said that “With memory limitations, with loading limitations, there was a real problem [in previous games]; if you wanted to go from one place to another, you had to unload everything, you had to reload everything – it was a long time.”

He goes on to say that “It really broke the flow of the game. Now, it’s so much smoother to be on the ship, land on a planet, jump around, go inside a building. It’s all very seamless, so breaking down the barriers frees up the player to explore and do activities. It makes it easier to make a rich and full environment.”

Mass Effect Andromeda will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Spring 2017.

- This article was updated on:November 22nd, 2016

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