Fans Throughout The Galaxy Celebrate N7 Day For Mass Effect

Celebrate N7 Day with the Mass Effect Crew!

by Shaun Cichacki

For fans of the Mass Effect series, November 7 is almost a national holiday. As gamers around the globe echo support for the N7 Squad, we gather together to round up some of the best celebrations of all, including a slightly cryptic message from the developers of the franchise.

Whether you’re still Green or a combat Veteran of the series, Mass Effect still offers some of the greatest intergalactic gameplay to date. With branching dialog options that still hang in our memories, to memorable set pieces that stand the test of time, Mass Effect fans have plenty of reasons to celebrate this special day.

More Mass Effect News On The Way?

To start things off for this special day, Bioware and the official Mass Effect Twitter account have shared a small snippet of what we can look forward to in the future of the franchise. With the revelation of Mass Effect‘s continuation last year, it will be hard to top it. However, eagle-eyed fans may find some exciting looks at what’s to come for the franchise when the next installment releases.

As the Mass Relays begin the rebuilding process, time will only tell what is in store for the newest members of the N7 Squadron, and where their adventures will take them. This exciting peek into the future of the franchise is sure to thrill fans until the next big announcement is ready.

Mass Effect Celebrations

The world of Mass Effect is massive but not as massive as the inspiration for fans and other titles in the medium to showcase their love for the series. No matter if it’s art, cosplay, or anything in between, fans are showcasing their love for this space epic throughout social media.

No matter where you are, make sure you take a moment to thank Commander Shepard and the crew for their duties and give Mass Effect another playthrough. Mass Effect is an amazing franchise through and through, and time will only continue to push the levels of adoration for this franchise.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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