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Media Molecule’s Dreams Sets Release for 2018 in New Trailer

by Jose Belmonte


After a long period of silence, Media Molecule has finally started showing more footage of its ambitious PS4 exclusive Dreams. The first move was teasing the appearance of the game at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience, and then last night the studio revealed a 2-minute trailer at The Game Awards. The video serves to have a much better idea of the concept of the game, which in the past has been explained with ambiguous descriptions of being able to construct anything the players could imagine.

The trailer shows that Dreams will make use of a similar concept of the Little Big Planet series, only this time the creation tools and visual resources will be much more advanced and varied. The imagery of the trailer definitely fits the fantasy concept, in times turning quite darker and nightmarish than what the studio is used to present. Aside from a story focused on the creation of beautiful visions or threatening creatures, the video teases the ability to explore different gameplay styles outside of the usual platforming stages, including arcade, racing, or flight simulation.

There are so many possibilities to the concept of Dreams that we will need a more in-depth showcase at PSX’s main conference to really get a better idea of what can be achieved with this game.

Dreams launches for PS4 in 2018. Watch the new trailer below.

Dreams – The Game Awards 2017 Trailer | PS4

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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