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Metal Gear Survive PC Version Confirmed, Requires Internet Connection to Play

by Matthew Jaques


Metal Gear Survive recently came back on the radar for an early 2018 release, and it has now been confirmed that it will have a PC version, and also require an internet connection in order to play the game across all platforms, as discovered by NeoGaf users.

The disclaimer stating this is viewable on the official website, across the PS4, Xbox One and Steam versions of the game. This implies that players who play offline will have to be connected to the internet to either set-up the game, or even have a continuous connection to the internet to play the game offline.


Of course, Playstation Plus and Xbox Live are noted as being required for co-op, which is a given, but requiring an internet connection to play an offline game is something that gamers take very seriously, and has provoked anger in gamers for its use in the past, be it for DRM or for other reasons.

The game, a spin-off of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, was originally scheduled for launch in 2017, but Konami delayed the game at E3 2017, citing a lack of polish as the reason for the game’s delay.

Survive has seen a mixed response from gamers, with many die-hard Metal Gear Solid fans rallying against the game as it lacks the direction of the series’ long-term director Hideo Kojima, who has distanced himself from the project in the past, going as far as to mock the game’s trailers on Twitter.

Despite the strong feelings about the creative direction the game is taking, flooding the world of supernatural and politically inclined espionage with zombie hordes to gun down endlessly, Konami seems to have faith in the game’s release, and it will be interesting to see how its received by fans and the games press upon release.

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