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Microsoft Flight Simulator Returns on Xbox One and PC

The famous series is back and better than ever

by Kyle Hanson


Back in the early days of PC gaming, the Flight Simulator series and genre were massive hits. While they’ve maintained a niche audience over the years, the big boys of the genre have mostly drifted away, including Microsoft. That’s coming to an end though as Xbox’s E3 2019 press conference just showed off some very impressive footage of a brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox One and PC.

Starting off with a lofty promise of being “powered by satellite data and Azure AI” before showing 4K in-game gameplay, the following gameplay trailer was quite impressive. Scenes show off some truly incredible sights such as Dubai, the Grand Canyon, and many more. Players will seemingly be able to fly all around the world in a number of aircraft.

How different will this new release be than the ones that came before it? It’s still unclear, but the real-world environments and truly impressive graphics seem to offer the answer.

No release date was given, but this will be a part of Xbox Game Pass. Members will be able to play the game at no additional cost on both platforms. Be sure to keep checking back for more from E3 2019 right here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – E3 2019 – Announce Trailer

- This article was updated on:June 9th, 2019

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