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Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: Should You Choose Glare, Allay, or Copper Golem?

Which mob will win your heart?
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With Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 coming, you may be wondering which of the three unveiled mobs you should vote for: the Glare, the Allay, or the Copper Golem. The biggest Minecraft event of the year is Minecraft Live which is a show packed with the latest news, interviews, and updates related to the game. Minecraft Live 2021 will also feature a mob vote where the Minecraft community will vote for a new mob to get added to the game. This year’s lineup of potential mobs are all interesting, and they each have a uniquely useful ability. Read up on them to ensure that you vote for the right one.

Which Mob Should You Vote For


The first mob that was revealed is the Glare. The Glare is a cute, green critter that floats. Like many humans, the Glare is not a big fan of the dark. However, you can turn this into something quite useful for you. If you have the Glare at your side, it will let you know when you are approaching areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn. Certain unfriendly mobs, such as Zombies, only spawn when light levels are low enough. Hence, having a darkness detecting companion can be of great aid.

When the Glare starts getting grumpy and throwing a tantrum, you know you are approaching dangerous levels of darkness. If getting attacked by hostile mobs is something you prefer to avoid, perhaps the Glare should receive your vote.


The second mob revealed to the Minecraft community is the Allay. This is a mob that will be especially appealing for anyone trying to source difficult-to-find items. If you give the Allay any item, it will seek out more of the same or similar items, and return them to you.

The Allay is also a fan of music, and if there is music around it cannot help but dance. It will also leave collected items near note blocks if any are around. For the Minecraft players that are serious about building and want to make sure they always have the right materials at hand, the Allay should be the mob to get your vote.


Unlike the previous two mobs, the Copper Golem is a mob you will have to build out of copper. Much like copper in real life, the Copper Golem is prone to oxidation, so that is something you have to pay attention to. The Copper Golem is an unpredictable mob, and it also likes pressing copper buttons. Not much has been revealed about what copper buttons are, but if Copper Golem wins Mob Vote 2021, copper buttons will be added to the game along with Copper Golem.

The Copper Golem would be joining the Snow Golem and the Iron Golem that can already be found in Minecraft. If more golems are what you want out of the game, then Copper Golem will be your safest vote.

Mob Vote 2021 will occur during Minecraft Live 2021 which takes place on the 16th of October 2021 at 09:00 AM PDT. You can cast your vote on the official Minecraft Twitter page.

Minecraft is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

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