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Minecraft Reveals New Allay Mob That Picks Up Items For You

The Allay is one of three mobs that could be added to Minecraft.
Minecraft Allay mob cover

Ahead of Minecraft Live 2021, a second potential new mob, the Allay, has been revealed. Minecraft is an open-world game that pokes at your creativity and imagination by giving you a world full of materials for you to mine and build with. However, there are other critters called mobs that inhabit the world of Minecraft with you. Some, like the farm animals, are mostly harmless while others like the Creepers are a tad more frightening. Minecraft Live 2021 brings with it the opportunity for the Minecraft community to vote for which mob will get added to the game next. One of the options is the Allay, which has a useful ability.

Minecraft Live 2021 will take place on the 16th of October. It will begin at 09:00 AM PDT, and it will be streamed online. The show will feature the latest Minecraft news, updates, interviews, and appearances from familiar faces in the Minecraft community. Minecraft Live also brings with it the Mob Vote, where gamers are given a choice of three mobs to vote for. The mob with the most votes will be the next mob to be added to Minecraft. Voting will take place during Minecraft Live 2021, and you will be able to cast your vote on Minecraft’s Twitter page.

One of the potential Minecraft mobs that have been revealed is the Allay. The Allay is a useful companion to have around. If you give it an item, the Allay will find more of the same or similar items and bring them to you. This makes the Allay the perfect mob to have around when you are collecting specific materials to build the perfect house to protect you when the Creepers come out at night. The Allay is also a music fan and it loves dancing. Hence, if there are note blocks nearby, that is where it will drop the items it has collected.

The usefulness of the Allay should make it a good candidate to win the Mob Vote. However, the Allay is going up against some stiff competition. This includes the Glare, which is a cute mob that loathes the darkness. Besides being cute, the Glare’s repulsion towards darkness can alert you of areas dark enough for monsters to spawn. Last year’s Mob Vote resulted in the Glow Squid being added to the game. This is a mob that can be found in dark, underwater areas.

Minecraft is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

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