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Minecraft PS4, PS Vita Xbox One Release Date Update

| August 26, 2014

Minecraft PS4, PS Vita Xbox One Release Date Update News  Minecraft

Minecraft for the PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One will be arriving shortly, and 4J Studios has updated fans on when to expect the game. An official release date for Minecraft on these new platforms has yet to be confirmed, but apparently the game is back in certification on the PlayStation 4, and is in the home stretch of development for the PS Vita and Xbox One.

As for the PS Vita version of Minecraft, 4J says that “We have a bit more work to do on Minecraft PS Vita before we can hand it over to Sony.” 4J Studios also hopes to have the Xbox One version of Minecraft submitted for certification to Microsoft shortly. “Down to the last few bugs with Minecraft Xbox One, hoping to hand it over to Microsoft by the end of the week,” reads their Twitter feed.

It looks like PS4 players will be getting first crack at Minecraft on new consoles. “Minecraft PS4 is back with Sony for final testing,” reads a recent update from the developers. Last week, it was revealed that the PS4 version ran into problems when it was originally submitted to Sony for certification and had to go back into development to fix some issues.

Release dates for Minecraft on PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One in very short order.

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  • NathGamer

    So the “release date update” is that there is no release date yet? What’s the point of this article?!

    • Sumyung

      You know they get paid for showing
      all those adverts over there right?

      • kira

        Those adverts I have blocked?

        • Sumyung

          Yup those ones ;D

          • eyefingermyself

            Yup those ones ;D

    • Wizard of Peace

      click bait…

      • eyefingermyself

        trout bait…

        • Wizard of Peace

          bear bait :)

  • JamesHS384

    I WANT PS VITA AND PS4 EDITION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ultimate gamer

    I hope they fix the bugs faster

    • eyefingermyself

      I hate bugs.

  • aadawgg44

    I wish they would just release them with bugs and fix them with updates like they normally do…..

    • Phillip ‘Kroser’ Cross

      thats not the types of bugs they are fixing, the types of bugs they are fixing are more complex, like freezing your console, corrupting saves and other such bugs which effect the actual console and console software. In game bugs are not something the certification board would be concerned about

      • aadawgg44

        Guess that makes more sense then lol

        • eyefingermyself

          No, Phillip isn’t right. The bugs they’re fixing are of all shapes and sizes. From camel spiders to honey bees.

          • Jacob

            The don’t check game bugs. He is right about that because they don’t test it by playing it.

  • Mike Hunt

    They don’t want to disappoint. Just be patient. Usually after certification grabs it, it could be within ten days of that point. I’m NOT verifying anything! Just from experience from past releases and patches/updates.

    PS. The article is being informative. They know we can’t wait another second and are trying to keep us updated. PATIENTS! Lol.

    • eyefingermyself


      • eyefingermyself

        You’re an idiot ^

        • XboxMinecraftGuy1190

          did you just call yourself an idiot?

  • Minecraftawesomenes

    Wish minecraft tu18 update was released and mods on console versions :|.

  • Minecraftawesomenes

    And for servers to be on console edition

  • Culeros hahaha

    Wtf useless and doesnt even tell u date there should be a date.

  • Madd Gamer

    i dont mind waiting if the game is going to be at its best and not all buggy

  • plz hurry with minecraft xbox

    I want minecraft xbox one to come out already so I can play minecraft hunger games with my brother,4j studios plz hurry up with the bug fixing

  • bambam

    any more news on minecraft ps4 or is that it because that article was pretty pointless otherwise

  • Boa

    Ps4 version failed not coming out so soon you should look that up

  • DoMzA

    Does anyone know an pip it the ps vita. I ordered it a few months ago and I still haven’t got it

    • DoMzA

      I ment anything

  • Minecraft

    Hi guys minecraft xbox 1 is about to go into cert testing don’t worry by the end of the week it will be handed over to Microsoft cross finger if you want it to come out in about 7 to 10 business days don’t freak out about the release date even though I’m freaking out ok every one just freak out if I am but don’t riot ok that don’t do see

    • Deathstroke

      You suck

  • FWR ELITE benji

    when is minecraft coming-out

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