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Minecraft release date teased for PS4, Vita, and Xbox One

| April 11, 2014

Minecraft release date teased for PS4, Vita, and Xbox One News  Minecraft

4J Studios dropped a big tease to Minecraft fans waiting for the release of the game on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Xbox One. An image from the developers shows the game running on both the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita, leading many to believe that there could be announcement about release dates on these platforms.

Minecraft release date teased for PS4, Vita, and Xbox One News  Minecraft

While 4J Studios has been busy pushing updates to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game as of late, there’s still been no concrete release date tied to these versions of the game.

When next-gen versions of Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrive, they’ll be better on the new consoles. 4J Studios has revealed that, at least in the case of the Xbox One version, the game will feature larger worlds, expanded multiplayer features, and other enhancements only possible with the better hardware.

This most recent tease of new versions for Minecraft comes on the heels of Xbox boss Phil Spencer announcing that the Xbox One Edition is “really close.”

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  • Blarg

    Can’t wait. Sick of having to switch between my 360 and One

    • NathGamer

      Same, I only have one HDMI port on my old TV and switching between my PS3 and PS4 is such an effort -_-

      • Blarg

        I did plug my 360 into my One through the HDMI-In, but it just adds another layer to things and uses a lot of power having both on. There was a bit of latency too.
        But at least I could snap music to the side, I guess.

      • Dante Twitch

        First world problems part 2.

    • bdlckkd

      Get an extra tv! :) jking I have my 360 set up in our bedroom so my fiancé can play on it or watch her shows if I’m using one or the other.

    • Alex Garcia

      join da club.

    • Dante Twitch

      First world problems.

  • Ryan

    Don’t forget about the XO controller behind the rum!

  • bdlckkd

    What does that mean? “at least in the case of the Xbox One version, the game will feature larger worlds”?

    • Adam

      That larger worlds have only been “officially” announced for the Xbox One. They will most likely be on the PS4 also but since the only official info is from the Xbox One version announce video that’s all there is to officially go by.

      • bdlckkd

        Okay that makes sense so ps4 should have the same sized worlds and features then? Besides the exclusive skins and packs that will come out for each?

        • Adam

          I would assume that the PS4 and Xbox One version will be nearly identical just like the PS3 and 360 versions. They haven’t confirmed this though so there’s no way to be sure yet.

    • njb

      I’m puzzled, minecraft is not demanding graphically at all. It’s all about the gameplay, that’s why it’s so popular.

      • bdlckkd

        Yeah the way that was written was really misleading but what Adam said above makes sense. That the xbox one version is the only one that has been “officially” announced. Unless MS has some insane money deal I would expect them to be both the same I could not see them being different.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Tried playing Minecraft on a console but it doesn’t work. It really is a KB/M game.

    If the Vita version is good I might cop.

    • Gaz

      What nonsense, it won’t be long till console sales surpass that of the PC so all those players can’t be wrong. As a fan of both versions they are both fine, I prefer controller a little more.

  • Josiah Johnson

    I can totally see Minecraft being one of the best games on Vita. Minecraft is just perfect for the Vita; the graphics aren’t demanding, its a great game to play when traveling, and the controls on Vita won’t be a much of an issue like they are in shooters. Not to mention that the Pocket Edition sucks, so Vita will be the best mobile platform for Minecraft.

  • MinecraftNerd

    omggg I just cant totally wait until minecraft comes out I am a minecraft nerd not to good but love watching vids on youtube its toally amazing. I just wish they would set a proper release date though!!

  • MinecraftNerd

    Its like totally insane!!

  • NathGamer

    I don’t like the simplified crafting system on the consoles.

  • Dark Shadow

    Merica problems

  • Omg

    Omg can’t wait I love minecraft I am just sick of waiting though I just with they would set a date

  • Billy Brenders

    I guess i’m the only one who noticed he drew a character on the bottle of rum

    • Dante Twitch

      No, you’re not. He drew Joanna Dark from the game Perfect Dark.

      • Billy Brenders

        good for you to state that after i pointed it out

        • Dante Twitch

          Wow, hipster. No, you’re not the only one to notice it. I have Perfect Dark and I have Perfect Dark Zero, both sitting on my wall in front of me. You are NOT the only one who recognized it. Just because you said it first does NOT mean you’re special. It DOES make you a douchebag, though.

          Out of the basement, hipster, there’s a whole world out there for you to see.

  • Alexmiranda000

    I sold my xbox 360 for the one now I’m waiting for minecraft ???