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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition players log over a billion in-game hours


Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition players love them some crafting, according to Play XBLA. Since launch, Minecraft players on the Xbox 360 have logged over a billion hours of in-game play. That’s a lot of mining taking place on the Xbox Edition, which has sold millions of copies as a console exclusive.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition players have seen numerous updates hit the title since launch, getting it closer to parity with Mojang’s best-selling PC title. Title Update 9 recently hit the online service, and with it, Xbox 360 players got their first taste of End game content.

4J Studios recently announced that they have second update soon to follow, for any players that may have been affected by save breaking bugs caused by TU9.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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