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Modern Warfare Season 1 Brings Multiple News Maps and a Battle Pass in December

Crash, Vacant, and Shipment all return this season.

by Diego Perez


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting its first major content update in the form of Season 1, which begins on December 3 across all platforms. The game’s first season, which is being touted as “the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history,” will bring back fan-favorite maps for multiplayer, add several new modes, and more.

What Are the New Season 1 Maps?

Season 1 will bring multiple new multiplayer, ground war, and gunfight maps into the mix. Fans of the original Modern Warfare will be delighted to know that Crash, Vacant, and Shipment are all coming back. There’s a new ground war map called Port, and it looks similar to the Cargo Docks area from Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode. Gunfight is also getting new maps in the form of Cargo and Atrium, with the former resembling the Wetwork map from the original Modern Warfare. Other maps are teased with a cryptic “and more,” but nothing is confirmed right now. It’s also worth noting that Shipment is playable in both standard multiplayer matches as well as gunfight matches.

What Are the New Season 1 Modes?

Three new modes are coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare during Season 1. Gunfight OSP is finally being added to the game after being MIA since the PlayStation exclusive Gunfight Alpha. Infected is making a return, and it seems like it could be a blast on some of Modern Warfare’s maps. Lastly, Reinforce, a mode from Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, is coming back for Modern Warfare. This mode is essentially Domination meets Search and Destroy. There are no respawns unless a team captures a flag, and capturing all flags or eliminating the enemy team results in victory. It’s a slower, more meticulous game mode that will fit right in with Modern Warfare’s gameplay.

What About Spec Ops?

If you like Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops mode, don’t worry. Infinity Ward hasn’t forgotten about you. There are four confirmed Spec Ops missions being added, and they look like they could be really cool. Bomb Squad and Just Reward seem like more of what we’ve already seen from Spec Ops, but Grounded and Pitch Black look like the night ops fans have been craving since getting a taste of them in the campaign. Grounded appears to take place on an open airfield in the dead of night, and the screenshot of Pitch Black has a green filter over it, meaning it’s most likely going to feature night vision prominently. Hopefully it’ll be just as cool as some of the claustrophobic night missions from the campaign.

Just like Gunfight, more Spec Ops modes are teased, but nothing has been said about how many to expect during Season 1.

What Are the New Season 1 Weapons?

Season 1 will bring two new weapons to Modern Warfare. The Ram-7 and Holger-26 are the two weapons being added for Season 1, and hopefully they’ll have a chance at breaking the M4A1 meta when they release. Despite having different names, these weapons have actually been featured in past Call of Duty games. The Ram-7 is basically just a TAR-21, which was an incredibly popular weapon in Modern Warfare 2. The Holger-26 is an MG36, a light machine gun that was available in Modern Warfare 3. Using the intensive customization of the gunsmith, there’s a chance the Holger-26 might be able to be modified into a G36C, or at least something similar. The G36C was an assault rifle in the original Modern Warfare, so it’d be nice to see it return at least in some way thanks to the gunsmith.

What About the Battle Pass?

Modern Warfare won’t be monetized with loot boxes, but rather a battle pass like so many other games do these days. The battle pass will launch alongside the Season 1 update and will feature a free track as well as a premium track. Like most other battle passes, Modern Warfare’s battle pass will reward players with new cosmetic items, something the game is in dire need of right now. The two new weapons will also be available through the battle pass, although it’s unclear at what level they’ll become available. Both weapons should be available in the free track, but don’t be surprised if buying premium tiers grants earlier access to the new guns. Activision is being pretty tight-lipped about the battle pass right now, but all 100 tiers of the battle pass will be revealed on December 3 when Season 1 launches.

Season 1 begins in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on December 3. All players will have access to the content at the same time, regardless of platform. For more details on Season 1, check out Activision’s blog post detailing the update.

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