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Monster Hunter World Is Getting A Bunch Of New Content — Including A Witcher 3 Collaboration

Closing out the original Monster Hunter: World in style.

by Jelani James


The coming of a new expansion wasn’t the only news Capcom had for Monster Hunter fans today. On top of said announcement, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto also confirmed that players can look forward to the coming of a The Witcher 3 collaboration and two new Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons.

Before going forward, do note that these updates are only relevant for the console versions. PC versions are planned, but the release windows haven’t been announced yet.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collaboration (Early 2019)

The Monster Hunter: World x The Witcher 3 collaboration will have Geralt find himself in the New World, where he meets the members of the Research Commission. There was no mention of what monsters players can expect to encounter during the course of this event, but the announcement promises unique quests that will “inject the immersive RPG experience of The Witcher 3 into the gameplay of Monster Hunter: World.”

Adding on to that, Capcom says it has prepared new voice recording especially for this collaboration, including the original voice actors for the part of Geralt.

Two New Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons

Monster Hunter: World is slated to have two more Elder Dragons get the Arch-Tempered treatment: Kulve Taroth and Nergigante.

AT Kulve Taroth is set to arrive on Dec. 19 and stay until Jan. 3. The encounter will have the same format as the original version, with a maximum of 16 players being required to raise their pursuit and rewards level in order to earn appraisal weapons and other rewards.

The core difference between the two, however, is that this version has a new “furied” state that it can enter upon reaching fulfilling certain requirements; and upon doing so it will gain new attacks, but the reward for defeating it while in this state will be much greater (new rainbow-grade appraisal items).

Per usual, will be able to the use the parts carved/dropped from AT Kulve Taroth to create gamma armor.

Lastly, AT Kulve Taroth will be replacing the regular version permanently, but Capcom promises players will still be able to receive obtain all of the previous rewards.

As for AT Nergigante, it’s slated to arrive in Spring 2019 and is going to be a “very tough opponent.” It will also be the last opponent of its ilk, as the announcement states this encounter is planned to be the last new title update before Monster Hunter World: Iceborne arrives later that year.

It’s been almost a year since Monster Hunter World came out, and it looks like Capcom is planning to end it in style.

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