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Monster Hunter World Is Now Capcom’s Highest-Selling Title

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Monster Hunter: World sales might have slowed down a bit since its console and later PC release last year, but it’s still going strong. So strong, in fact, that Capcom has just revealed that it has become the company’s highest-selling title ever.

This momentous achievement was highlighted in Capcom’s latest financial report, stating that World has broken 12 million shipments:

…Monster Hunter: World, which shook up the market last year, broke 12 million cumulative units shipped following the additional release of the PC version, marking a record high for any single title in the Company’s history.

Thanks to its strong performance — alongside Resident Evil 2’s 4 million shipments and Devil May Cry 5’s 2 million shipments — Capcom was able to enjoy a second year with record-high profits.

The role of Monster Hunter: World in regards to Capcom’s current success can’t be overstated. Many were skeptical about the decision to have a Monster Hunter ditch handhelds and cater itself to newcomers, but it turns out that’s exactly what was ailing the once-relatively niche series. Rave reviews, breaking records left and right, and large profits? Monster Hunter has become more lucrative to Capcom, than the gems within the game are to its players.

And Capcom is only getting started, as its planning a third year of similar profit by “redoubling its commitment” to the eSports scene via the Street Fighter IP. Beyond that, it has Devil May Cry coming to the Nintendo Switch, Dragon’s Dogma is in the middle of a collaboration event with Suda51’s Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, while Monster Hunter: World itself is set to get an expansion later this year (with new information hopefully coming later this week).

If this keeps up, Capcom may very well enter that Golden Age people keep thinking it’s currently in. All it needs is make some of its older games available on current platforms (God Hand, please) and remake some others (God Hand?), and it would be, well, golden.

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