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Mortal Kombat X Has Large Day One Update On PlayStation 4, Krypt Returning

by William Schwartz


It seems that Mortal Kombat X has made its way into a few players hands and those playing it have received a rather large update on PlayStation 4.

According to Abudiix via Reddit, a day-one patch has arrived on PlayStation 4 and weighs in at around 1.8 Gigs and delivers several changes that the user has noticed so far. Mortal Kombat fans will be happy to know that Mortal Kombat X will mark the return of the Krypt from MK9 which fans will remember was utilized to unlock a variety of extras by traversing the Krypt itself and using coins (koins?) that have been earned in other modes.

The user noticed that after the update it became a bit harder to unlock things in the Krypt as you now earn less coins for the Tower Boss, story mode, and ‘normal fights’. The user reported that; “My friend used to get 2.500 coins on a boss fight now he gets 200 on the same boss fight after the update.” That is a significant change and it seems to make it so players unlock items in the Krypt at a slower pace.


Another user, 10sansari whom is also on Reddit, is beginning to take fan requests and posting move lists like the one above for Kenshi or whatever fans request. Including the lower part of the Mortal Kombat X Krypt map which is also in this post. It seems that the game is out in the wild already. So check your local retailers, you might get lucky.

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