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Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter Will Never Happen Because It’s Too Violent For Capcom

by Damian Seeto


Many fans have been wanting a crossover Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter game for years now. There’s a reason it has never happened and that’s because Capcom is uncomfortable with how violent the game could be.

Metro spoke with a NetherRealm Studios developer while previewing Mortal Kombat X earlier this month. The talk spilled over about a possible Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter crossover game for some reason. The developer noted they like to “keep in touch with Capcom”, but both sides have never been able to go ahead with a crossover game.

The main barrier that is preventing Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter from ever happening is because it could be too violent for Capcom’s taste. Bloods, guts and gore is Mortal Kombat’s bread and butter. However, Street Fighter games have never been that violent. The NetherRealm developer even noted Capcom would feel uncomfortable if they were to see the likes of Ryu and/or Chun-Li getting decapitated.

If Mortal Kombat x Street Figher were to ever happen, would fans ever accept the game having no “fatalities”? It seems like fatalities are the only thing preventing the game from ever happening as Capcom doesn’t want to see its characters getting killed in violent fashion.

- This article was updated on:July 27th, 2014

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