Morty is Coming to Fortnite Season 7

Rick's grandson is set to come to the game soon

by David Coulson
Rick and Morty Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 saw Rick from the popular TV show Rick and Morty be chosen as the level 100 skin in the Battle Pass. Rick’s sidekick and grandson Morty did make an appearance in the game, with him being transformed into a hammer for Rick’s Harvesting Tool, but many fans were hoping to see the character be added as a skin. Now it looks like he is as it has been leaked that Morty will be coming to the game as his own skin in the near future.

First leaked by HYPEX and NotOfficer, Morty looks to be following in the footsteps of Kit, Meowscles kitten son who uses controls a robot to fight on his behalf. The Morty skin follows this concept, with him strapped into a robot and using a controller to move and fight, a very unique way to bring him into the game that works due to the scientific nature of the show. Along with the Morty skin will be a new “Get Schwifty” emote, which is a song taken from the 5th episode of Rick and Morty Season 2. The emote can be performed solo or as part of a group.

Fortnite and collaboration are no strangers to each other. In the past, we’ve seen many top entertainment franchises and personalities be added to the game, usually as a promotional opportunity, including the likes of Ariana Grande, LeBron James, Travis Scott, and Marshmello, as well as top gaming IPs including God of War, Halo, and Street Fighter.

No release date has been given for the Morty skin, but with it being added in the recent 17.40 update, and with it now being officially leaked, an official announcement likely isn’t too far away. It is possible that we could see a Morty Cup announced, with some fun and whacky mechanics that suit the Rick and Morty show, which will give players an opportunity to win the skin for free.