NBA 2K15 Servers, My Park, My Team and Pre-order Errors Persist

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by William Schwartz

NBA 2K15, which launched earlier this week, is still seeing many issues affecting its players.  Across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, users claim that many aspects of the game are unplayable, including the MyPark and MyTeam aspects of the game, as well as downloadable content offered as a pre-order bonus not unlocking for players.  Furthermore, paying customers are claiming that the VC currency for the game is being erased from their accounts.

On the PlayStation 4, users are seeing an error code when trying to get into specific modes of the game.  Users are reporting that trying to access the Jordan Rec Center or Park modes of NBA 2K15 is spitting out CE-34878-0 Errors.  Xbox One users are reporting similar errors, while there’s no code like the PS4, users are reporting being booted back to the Xbox One dashboard.  On PC, the modes are booting players back to desktop.

Problems don’t just seem tied to these specific modes, either.  Social media is still overrun with disappointment about the connectivity and stability issues, among other problems.

These issues seem many for NBA 2K15 players at this point, and many sound frustrated.

Some are reporting that the connectivity issues are erasing VC currency from their accounts.  Most troubling about this is that it’s an in-game currency which can be purchased via micro-transaction for real world cash. Some NBA 2K15 players are claiming to have bought the currency only to see it stripped away by network errors or other bugs. It might be a good idea to hold off on purchasing the currency until the server issues are cleared up.  Given the extensive issues, perhaps 2K will offer similar compensation to its players as Rockstar Games did with Grand Theft Auto Online.  They’re run by the same corporate parent, so perhaps that’s an option.  2K hasn’t said anything alluding to the possibility, but if online issues persist, it might be a good idea for them to make up for the problems.

2K Sports is well aware of the issues.  Their Community Manager, Ronnie Singh has been out in front of most of them.  Singh insists that the NBA 2K team is still working on many of the issues, and that the team is aware of problems with pre-order content not unlocking, as well as issues with MyTeam.

A recent server side update was supposed to fix many of the issues that users still reporting.  A recent Xbox One update was supposed to make the online aspects of the game more functional, which the 2K Team says has been more stable since a server side patch.

Are you still seeing issues with NBA 2K15?  Let us know in the comments section, below.

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