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NBA 2K15 Is Missing Coach Mode, But Dev Has Ideas For Future

by Dean James


NBA 2K15 is almost here finally, with a release scheduled for next Tuesday, October 7, on a number of platforms. This year’s iteration adds a lot, but one mode happens to be missing this time around, Coach Mode. However, just because it is gone does not mean that the developers are not already thinking about it.

Leftos 2K15 on Twitter is a developer for NBA 2K15 at 2K Sports and is someone many go to ask questions about the game. One recent question asked was whether or not there was some sort of Coach Mode in this year’s edition of the game. Leftos responded with the following tweet:

“No, but I have some ideas on how to bring it back in the future.”

Based on past information, we pretty much knew that Coach Mode wouldn’t be in this year’s game, but it is good to know that the developers are already looking at how to reimplement it in future version of the game. It would be really nice if it came in the form of a patch for NBA 2K15, but more than likely he means NBA 2K16 and beyond instead.

NBA 2K15 releases on Tuesday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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