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Update: NBA 2K15 Online Server Issues Should Now Be Resolved

by Damian Seeto


According to 2K Support, the online server issues that has plagued the release of NBA 2K15 since launch have now been resolved.

The 2K Support Twitter page announced the following:

“#NBA2K15 connecting to online issue should be resolved. Please reboot & let us know.”

NBA 2K15 has had a rough launch ever since it came out on October 7th. Many people had problems connecting to the online servers, while others had trouble scanning their own faces to the game. The scanning face problem seems to have settled, although the online issues are still problematic.

Even after this announcement, people have replied back to 2K Support saying that the online issues in NBA 2K15 still remain. It’s early days, and it’s possible gamers have to restart the game or their consoles to see the fixes that have been made.

NBA 2K15 has been like Driveclub as both games came out on the same day, and have had online connectivity issues for two weeks now. Both developers on the games have been trying their best, although gamers are still somewhat angry how long the process has been taking.

Hopefully NBA 2K15’s online issues improve from today onward. If problems continue, some gamers might flock to play NBA Live 15 instead when it comes out at the end of the month.

Update: 2K Support may have jumped the gun on the initial announcement. The game is still having issues.

2K Support tweeted this:

“We are continuing to investigate #NBA2K15 player reports of not being able to connect online. Thank you for your patience.”

- This article was updated on:October 18th, 2014

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