Neo Geo Mini Officially Revealed By SNK

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A miniature arcade machine you can fit in your hands.


After teasing it several days ago, SNK has finally pulled the veil off of its latest creation: the Neo Geo Mini.

As indicated previously, the Neo Geo Mini is one of the products developed by SNK in order to celebrate its 40-year anniversary (the other being the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for the Nintendo Switch); and keeping in the spirit of that anniversary, the NGM is a blast from the past, featuring the same general appearance as the Neo Geo arcade cabinets of old but smaller.

Specifically, the Neo Geo Mini is 135 mm × 108 mm x 162 mm, weighs about 600 grams and comes with a 3.5-inch liquid crystal display, meaning that you can easily carry it around and play on the go. Furthermore, it comes in two color variants that can be seen below: red, white and blue for Japan, while everyone else gets blue, white and black.

NeoGeoMini 1 1 NeoGeoMini 2 1

Of course, just because this machine was designed to celebrate the past, doesn’t mean that it’s firmly rooted in it. In fact, it has a few features that will make it feel right at home along with the rest of your consoles. Namely, an HDMI port and two external controller ports — allowing it to connect to your tv and support local multiplayer — along with a headphone jack.

As for the games you can play, the press release states the Neo Geo Mini will include 40 games from the Neo Geo era; and based on the pictures shown within, they’re likely to include Metal SlugMetal Slug IIReal Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers, The King of Fighters ’97, The King of Fighters ’98, Samurai Shodown II, and Samurai Shodown V Special.

Unfortunately, other details such as pricing and a release date are still unknown, but SNK has been quite busy this year, so hopefully we can expect more info in the coming months.