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New Call of Duty Reveal ETA Imminent

by William Schwartz


Since it’s last company conference call, Activision has been hushed about the Call of Duty Online component that was revealed to be coming from Beachhead Studios. In fact, Activision has been hushed about all Call of Duty activity. With no Modern Warfare 3 news, many have been left wondering what the cards hold for the franchise.  New rumors have been making rounds that Activision is planning an imminent announcement of the Call of Duty Online Service. Call of Duty Online is rumored to centered around the PC experience, where Activision has hinted at an “online solution” to capitalize on the Call of Duty brand.

Whether this is something similar to Battlefield Play 4 Free like our source has speculated, or whether this is a content delivery system as postulated by industry analysts, I guess we’ll find out how Activision plans to expand on the world of Call of Duty very shortly, if these rumors turn out to hold true.

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