New Mysterious Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Game Appears To Be Coming To PS4

by Dean James

Power Rangers is set to have a more mainstream resurgence next year upon the release of the Power Rangers movie from Lionsgate, along with the currently running Power Rangers Dino Super Charge TV series. What has been missing however is a new Power Rangers video game, but it looks like there may be one coming in the near future.

Many early game leaks come courtesy of showing up on various classification and ratings boards, and the latest comes courtesy of PEGI, or the Pan European Global Information Board, which has rated a game known as “Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle.”

The game is listed only for PS4 from Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe with a 12+ rating, due to “Non realistic looking violence towards human characters – Violence in a sporting context.”

There are no further details, other than the genre being “Action,” which is to be expected. With no news of any Power Rangers games in development, it is interesting for this to pop up. With a PEGI rating already being given though, you’d have to think this isn’t that far from releasing.

Considering the movie isn’t set to release until next March and that this is actually using the “Mighty Morphin'” part of the title that the new movie is not including, it would appear this is completely separate from that.

What I’m personally hoping is it’s some sort of fighter like the original Genesis MMPR game or The Fighting Edition on SNES based on the title, so hopefully Bandai Namco gives us some details pretty soon.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018