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New PSVR Bundle Coming for $399, PSVR Worlds Bundle Price Dropped

by Kyle Hanson


Sony just announced a brand new PSVR bundle that essentially serves as a price drop for the popular VR gaming headset. The new bundle features the PSVR headset and PlayStation camera for a price of $399. For those that need Move Controllers and a copy of PSVR Worlds, that original bundle will have its price dropped to $449.

“This is a great time to jump into the PlayStation VR experience, with a huge lineup of over 100 games, including recent favorites like Arizona Sunshine, SUPERHOT VR, Tiny Trax, Fantastic Contraption and Dino Frontier. If you’re new to PS VR, don’t miss out on marquee titles like Farpoint, Batman: Arkham VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Resident Evil 7 biohazard,” explains Sony.

PlayStation VR has done a lot to bring VR gaming to the masses. The much lower price point has allowed it to fly off store shelves, as players were dying to try the new technology. The VR gaming craze has dimmed somewhat though, and many are wondering if the technology will continue to be a large part of gaming’s future. PSVR helps this by presenting developers with a large install base to serve, while growing that install base thanks to its easy access and lower price. This new bundle should help that as well.

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