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New Star Wars: Hunters Gameplay Shown, Coming to Switch in 2022

New Game, New Characters, New Story

Zynga and Lucasarts have recently revealed a brand new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Hunters that shows off new characters and the initial release date.

In the new Star Wars: Hunters cinematic trailer, Lucasarts reveal various new protagonists and antagonists including the dark side warrior Rieve, Aran Tal – a Mandalorian -, as well as a Wookie warrior named Grozz.

Star Wars Hunters Revealed

Star Wars: Hunters will transport players to the world of Vespaara where they will meet all the aforementioned new characters and take the front seat in the new battle between the dark side and light side of the force.

The game will take place in the time period after the Galactic Empire had fallen. Players will be participating in real-time battles in a new arena setting that is inspired by well-known Star Wars locations.  Players will have the chance to take on the role of a bounty hunter, a rebellion hero, or as a remnant of the fallen empire.

The developers have also released various screenshots that show off a few glimpses of the game’s new maps, new weapons, as well as customization options.

We have recently seen a surge of Star War games on all platforms after the Lucasfilm and EA deal has expired and opened the doors for many other gaming studios to tell their own stories in the vast Star War universe.

Another game that might interest Star Wars fans all over the world is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake which has been announced during the PlayStation Showcase as a PlayStation timed console exclusive. Ubisoft has also announced its intention to partner up with Lucasfilm and develop its own open-world Star Wars title.

Star Wars: Hunters will be available for free download in 2022 on the Nintendo Switch, iOS devices, and Android devices. The game does not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

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