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New This Week in Video Games (11/13 – 11/19)

by Dean James


November has been a little slower than in some past years, but this week definitely features two of the biggest releases of the month that help to spread the goodness all week long.

Tuesday’s big hitter is Watch Dogs 2, which is releasing alongside another Ubisoft game in Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection. Those looking to pick up some previously digital only titles also have Overcooked: Gourmet Edition on Xbox One and PS4, while SteamWorld Collection finally arrives for Wii U as well.

Friday builds off of Tuesday by having one of the biggest releases of the year in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which are the most pre-ordered games in Nintendo history. This is also joined by the Steam release of Runbow for Steam, along with Killing Floor 2 on PS4 and the Ultimate Edition of Star Wars Battlefront for PS4 and Xbox One.

Check out the full list of new releases below of what you can expect to be released the week of November 13th through November 19th.


  • Abduction Bit (PC/Steam)
  • Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree of Life Collector’s Edition (PC/Steam)
  • Bicyclism EP (PC/Steam)
  • Counter Fight (PC/Steam)
  • Destination Ares (PC/Steam)
  • Pure Heart (PC/Steam)
  • Spellstone (PC/Steam)
  • Super Island God VR (PC/Steam)
  • Tales (PC/Steam)
  • Toonstruck (PC/Steam)


  • Watch Dogs 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • Overcooked: Gourmet Edition (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • SteamWorld Collection (Wii U)
  • Mekazoo (PlayStation 4/PSN, Xbox One/Xbox Games Store, PC/Steam)
  • FreezeMe (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Hasbro Family Fun Pack – Conquest Edition (PlayStation 4/PSN, Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Ittle Dew 2 (PlayStation 4/PSN, Xbox One/Xbox Games Store, PC/Steam)
  • Silence (PlayStation 4/PSN, PC/Steam)
  • Space Rift – Episode 1 (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Stern Pinball Arcade (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Time Machine VR (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Worms Anniversary Edition (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Drift King: Survival (PC/Steam)
  • ENIGMA (PC/Steam)
  • Gunmetal Arcadia Zero (PC/Steam)
  • Lantern (PC/Steam)
  • Multimirror (PC/Steam)
  • Neptune Flux (PC/Steam)
  • The Herbalist (PC/Steam)
  • Way of the Red (PC/Steam)
  • Wolf Simulator (PC/Steam)


  • BuildMoreCubes (PC/Steam)
  • Campfire: One of Us Is the Killer (PC/Steam)
  • Captain Kaon (PC/Steam)
  • Creeper World Anniversary Edition (PC/Steam)
  • Creeper World 2: Anniversary Edition (PC/Steam)
  • Drunk on Nectar (PC/Steam)
  • Even the Ocean (PC/Steam)
  • Renoir (PC/Steam)
  • The Sandbox Evolution – Craft a 2D Pixel Universe! (PC/Steam)


  • Yesterday Origins (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese (Wii U/eShop)
  • Wanted Corp. (PS Vita/PSN)
  • Base Raid (PC/Steam)
  • Commercium (PC/Steam)
  • Crewsaders (PC/Steam)
  • Highschool Romance: Magi Trials (PC/Steam)
  • ICARUS.1 (PC/Steam)
  • ISLANDS: Non-Places (PC/Steam)
  • Last Days of Spring 2 (PC/Steam)
  • Last Survivor (PC/Steam)
  • Mr. Shadow (PC/Steam)
  • Nothin’ But Net (PC/Steam)
  • Peak Angle: Drift Online (PC/Steam)
  • Planet Coaster (PC/Steam)
  • RYB (PC/Steam)


  • Pokemon Sun (3DS)
  • Pokemon Moon (3DS)
  • Killing Floor 2 (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • Brief Karate Foolish (PC/Steam)
  • Doodle God: 8-bit Mania (PC/Steam)
  • Final Goalie: Football Simulator (PC/Steam)
  • Ghostlords (PC/Steam)
  • Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix (PC/Steam)
  • Jumper Jape (PC/Steam)
  • Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods (PC/Steam)
  • One More Night (PC/Steam)
  • Orczz (PC/Steam)
  • Runbow (PC/Steam)
  • Sphere Complex (PC/Steam)
  • Twixel (PC/Steam)
  • Weird Hero (PC/Steam)

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