New World’s Reporting Problem is Ruining PVP

Some players have gone to extreme lengths to secure a win.

by Carlos Hurtado


New World’s reporting problem has been ruining players’ experience, and they are complaining about it. The new MMO had a less than perfect launch since its release in September but now looks like players found an abusive way to secure their battles.

New World is an MMO set on the fictional island of Aeternum. Unlike most MMO’s this one has a classless, real-time combat system with access to different types of weapons like swords and spells. The immense map provides endless quests, PvE, and PvP battles. One of its most outstanding features is the massive +100 player PvP battles that can occur to secure a part of the territory on the island. The game has some issues, but now a new problem is ruining the players’ experience more than ever.

According to some Reddit and forum posts, some players have been abusing the reporting system. Making opposing companies give up their hard-fought territory. It looks like it only takes a couple of reports to get a 24-hour ban, or at least that’s what players think. Massive banning waves have been occurring in several companies, hours before a big battle reducing drastically their chances of winning or at least defending their land. Some players tried to lay low and don’t interact in the chat with hopes of getting unnoticed, but that didn’t stop them from getting banned.


This problem has been ruining the PVP experience, and players want answers. Some of them even suggest that players who do this should be banned permanently from the game. Some of them believe that the bans are automatic, even though Amazon representatives claimed the contrary. True or not, this is a game-breaking experience for the players that wanted to be part of these massive battles since the beta. This game has been having problems since its release, but now they are not only technical. Now, New World’s reporting problem poses another issue that players will have to work around until they take action.

Even with these problems, New World is one of the most played games on Steam, having around 600,000 active players. The recurring issues didn’t stop the game from gathering a huge amount of players and selling more than 1 million copies since its release. If you are still learning some of New World’s mechanics, check out our guides about factions, how to switch from them and how to fast travel.

New World is available now on PC.

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