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New World: How to Fast Travel

Where and how to Fast Travel in New World.
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One of the more ambitious MMORPGs in recent memory, New World aims to bring all kinds of fantasy genres into the same boat to create a world with a scale simply unheard of for this type of game. To see the whole world though, you need a method of travel and without any kind of vehicle or another way to get around, what are you to do but walk? Thankfully, there are two different methods for you to get around. Here’s everything you need to know about Fast Travel in New World.

How to Fast Travel in New World


As awesome as a benefit it is to have fast travel in an MMORPG, New World, unfortunately, makes you pay for it. In addition to the money, you actually have a few requirements you need to fulfill as well.

  • You can only Fast Travel if you’re standing in a settlement or at an Inn you’ve checked in at.
  • The destination you want to go to must have been visited previously.
  • You need to have enough Azoth to pay for Fast Travel.

The cost of Azoth needed to travel will vary greatly and this will depend on how far the destination is along with what your encumbrance level it. That means if you are carrying too many items, your trip will cost more. The faction and company you choose can discount your journey, but that is about the only shortcut you’ll find here.

In order to Fast Travel, open up the map and zoom out until you see the settlement icon. Click it, then select Fast travel, and off you go. While it’s a bit obnoxious to have to spend Azoth every time you travel, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

How to Fast Travel for Free


Don’t feel like spending Azoth to get where you want to go? Well, if you check-in at one of the countless inns in New world, you can automatically Fast Travel there by clicking the inn icon on the map. You can do this anywhere in the game and it is completely free. The only negative is that you must wait an hour in-game for it to be enabled again.

New World is looking to be the new name in the MMO world in a time where the genre is looking for a shiny new toy. From all impressions so far, it looks like we’re going to get just that.

New World is available now on PC.

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