Nintendo has over $4.6 Billion in the Bank

by Kyle Hanson
Nintendo NX

Nintendo has always been a very conservative company, in both how they operate and how quickly they adapt to a changing market. One of the quirks that has helped keep the company afloat during more troubled times is the fact that they are very good at managing their money, keeping it locked away in the back, earning them money in interest, while having it on hand in case things go poorly. During the dark days of the Gamecube, and as sales of the currently available Wii U floundered, many wondered if Nintendo would be in trouble financially, but the latest information shows that they still have this massive war chest ready to go if needed.

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According to the latest financial report form Nintendo they have  558,433,000,000 Yen in just “Cash and Deposits,” essentially meaning money in the bank. At the current exchange rate this amounts to well over $4.6 billion. This is lower than Nintendo’s better times, when many reported their cash reserve at $10 billion or higher, but it is still a massive amount that can be tapped as needed.

And this is just their cash reserve, the company has many other assets that end up totaling to 1,409,735,000,000 Yen, which equates to over $11.7 billion. Of course, they also have expenses, many of which are constant and necessary to remain in business, but these seem to be much smaller than what they have saved up over the years.

This is obviously a very small and outside look at an enormously complex system. Nintendo is a massive, global organization with many moving parts, and millions of dollars funneling in and out of it. Still, it is great to see that the company has maintained such a large stockpile of money, ready to go as needed. Those that keep predicting the company’s doom might want to remember this fact.

- This article was updated on March 7th, 2018