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Nintendo won’t reveal new hardware at E3


Nintendo has been struggling lately. Since the Wii U is lacking in sales, one would think that Nintendo would be working on something to better compete against the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. Today we’re learning that Nintendo has nothing in terms of hardware to reveal during this year’s E3.

Much like last year, Nintendo is not holding a press conference but instead will hold a series of online events. Rumors were still suggesting that Nintendo would have hardware to show off during the E3 expo this year even though there wouldn’t be an official press conference. Nintendo however, was quickly dismissing these reports.

Turns out that Nintendo won’t be revealing anything hardware wise during E3 2014. We’re hoping that Nintendo will have some strong video game announcements to push the Wii U into a better position. We’ll of course have the latest details on E3 right here on Attack of The Fanboy.

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