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Nintendo Switch PSA: How to Access the Quick Menu

by Kyle Hanson


You just got a brand new Nintendo Switch and all you want to do with it is play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You have to stop at some point though, and when you do you’ll want to turn your Nintendo Switch off for the night. You might get up and walk to the unit, or already have it in your hands, or you might hit the Home Button and back out to the menu, using System Settings to put it to sleep. There’s a better way though, here’s how to access the Quick Menu in Nintendo Switch.

We described this in our specific guide about how to turn the Nintendo Switch off, but wanted to also go over the other options from the menu. To access it you need to press and hold the Home button on your controller. Whether it’s a single Joy-Con, a Pro Controller, or a combo, the device needs to have a Home Button to do this, so don’t use the left Joy-Con if you’re the only one playing.

After holding it for a couple of seconds the menu should pop up, allowing you to select the option to put Nintendo Switch to sleep. You can also use this button to toggle Airplane Mode and change the brightness of the tablet’s screen. It is very handy when playing in handheld mode, and is still pretty useful in console configuration.

We’ve been loving out Nintendo Switch so far, even though the console is lacking a lot of the basic features players have come to expect from a new console. Things like the Quick Menu show that Nintendo still is concerned about player experience though, so expect some big updates in the future. At least it’s off to a better start than the slow Wii U interface.

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