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No Man’s Sky Update Patch 1.06 To Be Released This Week On PS4

by Damian Seeto


Hello Games has announced that update patch 1.06 for No Man’s Sky will be out on PS4 later this week. The main issue that is being fixed are the multiple crashes.

Hello Games announced more about the update patches for No Man’s Sky in a series of tweets. The game shouldn’t be so buggy as before.

They posted: “If a PS4 crashes, it sends us a crash dump. Over the last week since the game came out we categorised and fixed these in order of priority. This has been incredibly useful, and allows us to know exactly how many people are affected. Thank you.

Patch 1.04 fixes 75% of crash issues for PS4 was released Friday. Patch 1.05 fixes 87% of crash issues for PS4 was released Sunday. Patch 1.06 fixes 90% of crash issues for PS4 is in testing and will release this week. We obviously won’t stop until these issues are 100% resolved. Also these patches contain other fixes and improvements too. Thanks all.”

This is good news for anyone that owns No Man’s Sky on PS4. Pretty much everyone that owns the game on PS4 has had at least one time that the game crashes on them. I played the game today and it randomly froze on me. Hopefully all of the issues are finally fixed very soon.

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