Non-Exclusive Once Again Dominate Microsoft Press Conference

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For a show that was supposed to be centered around motion controlling technology, The Kinect did little to impress Microsoft’s core audience.  The exclusive titles also did little to impress me personally, as a gamer who is looking for new experiences that don’t involve fondling digital animals or playing chat roulette with the internets.

Although, I truly feel that the future is far from bleak for the console with the inclusion of so many great social features.  I have to wonder yet again ,Microsoft where are the exclusives?  The Crytek offering looks promising but not many details were offered.  Halo Reach has a captive audience.  However, I am not one of those captives.  Gears of War III looks intense, but I find it hard to believe that it will occupy all of my 2011.

Once again, looking forward into my gaming future I see many multi-platform titles being played on my 360.  Black-Ops,Fallout New Vegas, Brotherhood, Ghost Recon, Homefront, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, all games I am looking forward to with much more anticipation and excitement than any of the exclusives mentioned in the press conference.

Microsoft made it a huge point that everything from this point on in the conference would be console exclusive, unfortunately they announced this shortly after what many thought was the highlight of the show: Metal Gear Solid Rising.

How a company can continue to let multiplatform titles dominate the psyche of the core gamer is beyond me.  Perhaps it’s personal preference and I’m sure many a Halo Reach fan may disagree.  But with bullets in the proverbial chamber with 343 Industries working on something in the future, a little tease of something to look forward to other than kids games may have been appropriate give the size and scope of the stage.  With that said I have religiously purchased multiplatform games for the Xbox 360.  Given the run of bad ports to the PS3.  It just appears that Microsoft is trying to go in all directions at once while not perfecting any one thing in particular.

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