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Obduction – Myst’s Spiritual Successor Arrives Today on PC

by | @Konman72 | on August 24, 2016

Obduction 3

We’ve talked quite a bit about Obduction, Myst’s spiritual successor from the original creators of the PC masterpiece. The game looked great at E3, and we got to sit down with one of the developers behind the game. Now it is finally arriving on PC, and we’ve got our full review (spoiler: it’s great). With a game that is such a labor of love, it’s understandable that developer Cyan Worlds is excited for the launch, and they’ve shown it in their announcement.

“Obduction transports players from the comforts of home on a journey through eerie alien landscapes with odd remnants of strangely familiar pieces of Earth,” reads the announcement from Cyan Worlds. “It features expansive worlds to explore, a deep story to embrace, and cerebral challenges to unravel.”

Obduction was a Kickstarter game, promising a return to the formula that made Myst such a massive success. With the original creators back working on the game, the pedigree was in place from the start. “Obduction provides an evocative and mysterious experience, crafted to induce the same feeling that Myst did – of being dropped into an entirely otherworldly situation, uncovering what happened, and determining what happens next. We really hope that probing these new worlds will give players a rich, satisfying experience.” said Rand Miller, co-founder of Cyan. “We are so grateful to our 23,000 backers who made Obduction a reality.”

Obduction will be available today on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store, all for $29.99. An Oculus Rift and Mac version is slated to arrive soon. Check out the Obduction launch trailer below.

Obduction Launch Trailer

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