Octane is OP Once More: Apex Legends Infinite Stim Glitch is Breaking the Game Yet Again

Stim Glitch is ruining Apex Legends yet again.

by Charles Cleveland


While the Octane stim glitch has been found and removed many times in Apex Legend’s past, it has once again reared its ugly head in Season 12. This glitch is back in full force causing headaches for Respawn developers and players alike.

The stim glitch makes the fastest character in the game, Octane, even faster. More specifically, it allows Octane players to continuously stim themselves. These stims will allow for them to move extremely fast, but without having to wait for the stim to recharge. While this glitch does not make the player, invincible as the stims will work their health down, they will still pose a threat. Even at low health, it will give them an advantage against their enemy players being so fast and capable of avoiding combat damage.

The glitch seems to work by throwing down Holosprays after using the stim. If the timing is right then the cooldown will be canceled on Octane’s Tactical and he will be flying all over the map. Even players with low rank or skill as Octane can easily capitalize on this and take down regular players.

The Reddit user who found the glitch stated that it should work on PC and Console, as well as stating that this version of the glitch doesn’t seem to be fast or powerful as it was in previous seasons. That said, as you can see in the video below, the glitch is still very effective.

Having said all of the above about the advantages of the stim glitch, it is not advised to actually use it in practice. Using it in-game, especially in ranked games, could result in a hefty ban. The developers have promised they are looking into this and it is likely to be patched soon. However, with this glitch continuing to resurface in Apex Legends it is highly unlikely that this will be the last time it will resurface.

Apex Legends’ recent update in Season 12, which supposedly brought the glitch, introduced some much-needed improvements across all platforms. his The stim glitch is just an unfortunate accident in a great season so far. The season is doing quite well for Apex and the overall player base seems to be enjoying all of the new content.

Respawn appears to be handling the situation as best as they can, and as stated above, are banning players who are abusing the glitch.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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