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One Punch Man Release Date Imminent, Includes DLC

Saitama still puts the "OP" in "One Punch" in this new game.

by Jess Menga


Our beloved bald-headed hero returns on February 28th in One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, a new game based off of the hit manga/anime series that has rapidly become a global phenomenon. The show’s universal humor, memorable characters, and satirical take on shonen anime (and really, on superheroes in general) are not lost in this first official game release for console and PC. Fans of the series everywhere can enjoy this new game by Bandai Namco Entertainment and Spike Chunsoft on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

One Punch Man Game DLC and Gameplay

The One Punch Man game features a story mode where players can create their own hero and progress through a world resembling the one of the first season of the anime. It also sports a technique-driven 3v3 fighting format where players can build their teams from a roster of over 27 playable characters, including four confirmed DLC characters that will be made available as season pass content.

The official game launch video, included near the bottom of this article, shows Suiryu for “Character Pack #1” to be released in April 2020, followed by silhouette teasers of Lightning Max, Watchdog Man, and Garou, for the Character Packs 2, 3, and 4 (respectively) which will be released as DLC in spring and summer of 2020.

Saitama as a Playable Character?

Saitama, aka One Punch Man, is the most powerful character in the series, defeating his opponents in a single blow and never getting so much as a scratch on him. He begins his journey as “just a guy who’s a hero for fun.” However, he cannot actually derive any pleasure from his short-lived fights, as his one-punch power leaves him bored and unsatisfied, forever seeking an opponent worthy of his power.

The obvious question that comes to mind then, is how did the developers write Saitama in fairly without compromising his true character? Well, they made One Punch Man… into two.

Meet Dream Version Saitama. He’s equally bald as his super-strong counterpart, only sporting pajamas rather than a cape, and much less powerful (though not totally average — the developers had to give him a fighting chance). Ironically, this is the Saitama One Punch Man wishes he could be. This is the Saitama who actually has something to prove, the one who actually has to try… and oh yeah. Did I mention he’s wearing pajamas?


Then there’s One Punch Man, “Caped Baldy” Saitama, who can also be played, but he always shows up late to the party. He’s more of a finisher character while your other two team players do all of the warm-up work. As long as those two teammates can fight their three opponents for long enough and avoid defeat, Saitama will eventually show up and do what he knows best: be OP with a single punch. There’s no beating Saitama once he enters the picture… that is, unless his opponent is also One Punch Man Saitama. In this game, only OP Saitama can defeat OP Saitama, but you’ll just have to watch it play out for yourself when you purchase the game.

In the meantime, get pumped with this official launch trailer on the One Punch Man game release, which features Saitama in all his OP glory and teases the DLC characters that will be available with the first season pass, starting with Suriyu’s “Character Pack #1” in April 2020:

Also, don’t forget to check out our newest OPM: A Hero Nobody Knows roster if you haven’t already and want to know what characters you have the option to select for your 3v3 fights.*

*Corrections: The roster, first published on Feb. 11, lists Tatsumaki and Terrible Tornado as separate characters when they are in fact the same, bringing the list down to 27 playable characters. Hammerhead has been confirmed as a non-playable character, as have each of the four “potential” DLC characters on this list, which will be available in character packs with purchase of the first season pass. Additionally, Geryuganshoop has been added to the list of non-playable characters, adding the total to five non-playable characters at the time of this writing. 

- This article was updated on:February 27th, 2020

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