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Over 100 Games Are Now In Development For Nintendo Switch

by Dean James


One of the biggest shortcomings throughout the lifetime of the Wii U has certainly been a lack of games, with long droughts where there were hardly any games. Nintendo looks like they are at least trying to avoid this on the Nintendo Switch, with them previously revealing that there were over 80 games in production for the system. With about a month to go until the release of the system, Nintendo is now saying that number has grown even further.

Nintendo held their end of quarter financial briefing earlier this morning and naturally the Nintendo Switch was a topic discussed quite a bit. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima led the financial briefing, in which he had the following to say on the topic of Switch games in development.

“After the presentation on January 13, we have continued to receive requests from more and more software publishers who want to develop games for the system. At the presentation, we announced that there were over 80 titles in development from more than 50 software publishers, but that number has now climbed to over 100 titles from more than 70 publishers. Please look forward to more announcements about the software lineup in the future.”

This is fantastic news to hear that they have already had other developers contacting them about the system in only the few weeks since the big presentation on January 13. Obviously, there are some of these games that will probably never see the light of day, but 100 games is very impressive.

The image at the top of the article was the one that came out following the initial Nintendo Switch announcement in October, so we already knew those studios were involved with potentially developing for the Switch and now there are even more. Nintendo has already promised more info about the system before release, so hopefully they will unveil even more of these games in that time.

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