Palutena Amiibo Returns to Toys R Us, Pre-Orders Available Now

by Kyle Hanson
Palutena Amiibo

The amiibo craze may have died down from its insane levels of last year and early 2016, but there are still a lot of people buying up the Nintendo themed figures, myself included. Among those still trying to complete their collection, some figures have remained very hard to find, despite the massive restocks that Nintendo has been putting out for months. One of the rarer figures has been the Palutena amiibo. However, those times might be over with Toys R Us announcing new pre-orders for a restock that will arrive later this month.

The Palutena amiibo can be pre-ordered right now on the Toys R Us website, with an estimated ship date of October 27th. The new figures will go out then, and it seems like Toys R Us is the exclusive carrier. This is interesting given the fact that most restocks have gone against the store exclusivity that resulted in some major issues back when the figures were first launching. Amiibo that were available at all stores might have some trouble with supply, but not nearly as bad as some of the retail exclusive, such as Ness.

More amiibo restocks are planned in the coming months, so if you’re still looking for something other than the Palutena amiibo, just keep an eye out for news on the one you’re looking for.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018