PC Hit Potion Craft Gets Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Release Window

Alchemists prepare!

by Kara Phillips

Following its previous success on PC, alchemists on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation should prepare for Potion Crafts’ debut on the console in 2023. This enchanting alchemist simulator will have you creating wondrous concoctions while getting hands-on with your tools and ingredients in a storybook-inspired art style. Potion Craft has become incredibly popular on PC and Xbox Series X|S since its release in early December, so the announcement of two more platforms joining the Potion party is a reason to get excited. 

Although there’s no set-in-stone release date for the game on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation, players can expect to get ahold of the title in Spring 2023, with further details yet to be announced. The high praise the game has received on Steam and Xbox Series X|S suggests it’s worth picking up when it launches. For PlayStation players, the title won’t be limited to the next-gen console either. The Spring release will also mark the launch on PS4, but unfortunately, Xbox gamers with a last-generation console will have to wait. 

In addition to its platform expansion, the team at tinybuild and niceplay games have also released a roadmap-like description of what to expect from the title’s future. Outside of the already-existing mass of potions available to craft, players can expect to gain access to things like new substances and salt, new ingredient types, entirely new alchemist gear, and garden upgrades over the next few months, which will add to the already enchanting atmosphere of the title. 

The best way to keep up with new content announcements, or further details of when Potion Craft will finally land on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, is by following the official game page on Twitter @PotionCraft or keeping an eye on their official Steam Page. As the game and community grow, you’ll be able to share your favorite potions with fellow alchemists in a desperate attempt not to let your town down. It’s an alchemy adventure to be enjoyed by all.

Potion Craft is available now on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on December 22nd, 2022