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Persona 5 & Yakuza 0 Are Not Heading to Nintendo Switch

by William Schwartz


Two highly anticipated titles from SEGA/Atlus are not slated to arrive on the Nintendo Switch.  Neither Persona 5 or Yakuza 0 will hit Nintendo’s new console when it launches, according to SEGA’s PR Manager.

While nobody knows exactly what games will be heading to the Nintendo Switch at this point, you can cross off the highly-anticipated Persona 5 and Yakuza 0.  The official platforms that these two games will be released on has been revealed by John Hardin via Twitter.

“Persona 5 platforms: PS3 and PS4.  Yakuza 0:  PlayStation 4.  That’s it.  No Switch.  No PC,” the PR Manager declared via Twitter.

Though just because these two high-profile titles won’t arrive on the console, that doesn’t mean SEGA and Atlus won’t show up there at some point.

Both companies have expressed interest in the console.  Atlus has gone as far to tell IGN that “the games we publish are a perfect fit for the portable nature of the console.”

What games are launch titles for Nintendo Switch?

We can certainly cross off those two, but what about others?   Nintendo is a been hush-hush about what the launch line-up will look like for the console.  An upcoming Nintendo Switch reveal event will likely hold the answers to this question.  Nintendo is slated to reveal the console in a presentation dedicated to the Switch on Thursday January 12 at 8pm PT.  Fans are expecting release date and price details for the console, of which there has been plenty of speculation already.  They will also be hosting a secondary event following the Switch reveal via a Nintendo Treehouse presentation that is said to give fans “a closer look at some of its upcoming games.”

Following the reveal, Nintendo plans to hit the road with the console.  A preview tour for the Nintendo Switch is slated to hit major North American cities between January and March.  The company also has plans to have a presence at PAX South, PAX East, and SXSW.

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