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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Gameplay Changes From the Closed Beta

Closed Beta keeps on giving, so let's take a look at some new gameplay changes we found.

by Victor Vellas


New Genesis shows a lot of new gameplay changes, through its respective Closed Beta that is still ongoing. There is a ton of new info present, with much more to come on a later date. I’m sure we have only scratched the surface yet, so for the time being, lets’ see some considerable changes we found.

  • Bosses have an HP Bar!

Finally, we now have a clear representation of a Boss’s life points, in contrast to PSO2 base game.

  • Rare Item Drop pop-up is significantly less distracting.

In PSO2, whenever Rare Items dropped, hell was unleashed in your screen with a multitude of particle effects and right in your face. In PSO2 New Genesis, the Rare Item prompt logo is shown on the top of the screen, much more polished and clean.

  • Task Tracker.

Similarly to any other MMO out there, we will have a Task Tracking window, at the top left of our screen.

  • Ships and Block Rooms are still present.

New Genesis features a similar function to PSO2, where Ships and Rooms are separated, being different instances.

  • Main and Sub Classes share weapons.

We will now be able to equip weapons from both classes, instead of only our main one and use them accordingly. Skills are a different story, but we don’t have enough info yet about.

  • Certain Skill Points earned from a main class, can be used to level up another class.

While it is not yet clear how this will work, there is indication that your main class will be able to gather certain Skill Points, that can be used for leveling up the rest of your classes. More info about this in the future.

  • Classes will have their signature skill sets from the get go.

This means that classes will start with their flagship skills unlocked from the beginning. For example, Hunter Physique for Hunters and so on.

  • Force users will be able to block attacks with a force shield.

Self explanatory. They will be able to now use a certain shield to block incoming attacks. Further details about this mechanic aren’t shown, so we have to wait and see if there are any additional elements to this action.

  • Equip Weapon Camos to each weapon category.

In PSO2 you could equip only one Weapon Camo at a time which affected any eligible weapon you had equipped. Now, you can have a Weapon Camo for each weapon type you use, which is a significant cosmetic change, compared to PSO2.

  • Weapon Potentials are tweaked.

Potentials for certain weapon series, like the Atlas Series, will be changed and tweaked accordingly for New Genesis.

  • Affixes and augments will be easier to implement.

Affixing an equipment piece in PSO2 is a nightmare, so they changed the process to make it more user friendly. More info will be found within the game when it goes live.

  • Character storage will be the way to share items between PSO2 and New Genesis.

Depositing or withdrawing any items in there, makes it eligible for interaction between the 2 entries. Also, you can only access the specific storage while being in the main town.

  • Day and night cycles.

They look great, and that’s that. Certainly give an extra flair to the game’s aesthetic.

  • Fauna all over the place.

Lots of different non-aggressive animals are present, giving the feeling of a much more alive and connected world. Please don’t shoot the rabbit-like creatures, they are really cute.

  • Recurring enemies.

Seems like familiar enemies make a return, like Banshee. With different, updated models, it is really nice seeing they will be present within New Genesis.

  • Hidden Chests.

Multiple Chests make an appearance, often being at places where a lot of skilled traversing is needed or a puzzle needs to be solved.

  • Gathering.

Players will be able to gather materials in order to create certain food and drink recipes, amongst other things that are yet to be revealed. The recipes provide certain buffs, so it’s an extra touch for players who want to make the most out of their stats.

  • Auto loot.

A very significant change will be that any loot that drops from enemies now, will be acquired from the player automatically. No interaction with items dropped on the floor is needed anymore.

  • Enemy physics and debuffs.

If an enemy is inflicted with some kind of debuff, for example ignited/burned, we can see a physical representation that will affect a monster’s behavior. For example, certain enemies dropped on the floor in pain, while being burned, with flames covering their whole body.

  • World Trials award Chests.

Certain Trials you undertake while traversing through the open world, will reward players with Chests, containing various loot and resources.

  • Queues for Emergency Quests.

Instead of going directly to a certain Emergency Quest’s location in the map, you can simply queue for it while being in the main town, through certain obelisks. Saves a lot of time, so a nice practical touch.

  • AC Scratches are still here.

AC Scratches will still be a feature for New Genesis, offering cosmetics and other things to players who get them. They seem to be different than the ones in PSO2, so we need to wait for more info about them.

There you have it, all the major info we currently amassed from PSO2 New Genesis’ Closed Beta. I’m pretty sure that we will have a better view of other features of the game in the long run, like the newly presented World Mag and more. Stay tuned with their official website, to be up to date with news and announcements. Also, feel free to check our detailed overview in regards to the shared content between PSO2 main game and New Genesis.


- This article was updated on:February 3rd, 2021

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