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Planetside 2 is looking good on PS4


Planetside 2 for PlayStation 4 will finally be in playable form come next month’s E3 convention. A couple of new off-screen images have been teased ahead of the show, and Planetside 2 is looking as impressive as its PC counterpart.

Sony Online Entertainment launched the free to play shooter back in 2012 for PC, and is destined for PS4 at an undisclosed date. Though developer Clint Worley has been revealing a fair amount of information about the game, including the releasing the images above and below.


Worley explains some of the differences between the PC version for Planetside 2 and the upcoming PS4 release. One of those PS4 specific features is the rumble for the Dualshock 4, claiming that the feature adds immersion to the game and personality to each weapon.

So when is Planetside 2 coming to PS4? Right now, Worley says that E3 is their next big milestone for the game. Having it ready for play on the show floor is priority number one, but after, they’ll be moving into a beta stage for the shooter. He did not explain when the beta would begin, or who would be eligible to participate.

Planetside 2 was originally slated to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 last fall, it’s unclear whether they are going to hit the 2014 release date as no confirmation on a release date has been given at this point in time.

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